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    Wednesday 23rd June 2021 6:00pm

  • Location

    A Media Society Online Event

For the latest Special Event from the Media Society, we’ll be debating the new 24-hour TV news channel, GB News. 

There are many questions and issues surrounding the new channel.

It's pre-launch marketing is strong and upbeat, but will it be editorially and commercially successful in the longer term?

It plans to provide opinion and personality-led broadcasting, but says it will work within Ofcom rules on impartiality and won’t be “shouty, angry television”.

But how will they achieve that balance?

Will the channel attract enough viewers, when there is so much else for people to watch?

Will they get enough advertising and other revenue to make their business plan work, in what is an increasingly competitive market?

Are their investors interested in the channel for business or ideological reasons?

And what impact will the new channel have on the rest of the British TV news industry?

To answer these and other questions we are putting together a panel of TV news experts and commentators.
The discussion will be chaired by the broadcaster, journalist, and newscaster Andrea Catherwood.

Our chair for the evening 

Andrea Catherwood - broadcaster, journalist, and newscaster.

Our Panel

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Please note: 
Entry tickets are  £10 each which helps cover our costs.
We will be making a number of free tickets available for students and anyone currently un-waged.

The Media Society is a volunteer run Charity committed to open access for all our Media themed  events.
ZOOM waiting room opens at 5.45pm.
Conversation starts at 6.00pm prompt.

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