Meet the two 2018 Hewlett scholarship winners

The scholarship is funded on a long term basis as part of the RTS’ annual Undergraduate Bursary scheme. The Media Society has lead a major fund-raising appeal to grow the Bursary funds.

In 2018 Steve Hewlett Scholarships was awarded to two successful applicants who have a demonstrated interest in current affairs journalism. Georgia Keetch and Liam Warden.

Georgia May Keetch 

Malcom X stated that 'the media is the most powerful entity on Earth' and I have personally become very fascinated in seeing and investigating how this control is abused and manipulated by individuals both past and present. This interest combined with my passion for both written and spoken word has produced a strong desire to become a political journalist.  Journalism provides the perfect outlet for me to develop my skills and allow me to be able to investigate further into the people and ideologies that shape our society. The media is very powerful, and being part of an institution that informs the world about the politicians that are involved in it is something that I am willing to work tirelessly towards.

When I think about what it was that sparked my interest in current affairs and the world of journalism, I remember the election of 2010, when I was in primary school. I found it very interesting how everyone had a different viewpoint; and I wanted to find out why. Since then I started up my own political blog that has proved to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve interviewed people like Walter Kammerling, a Holocaust survivor that again proved to be completely invaluable and a total privilege. To put it bluntly, this industry just excites me. I love the fact that no two days in the media will ever be or are the same.

In terms of why I applied for the Steve Hewlett bursary, I was aware that he was one of the pioneers in regards to being a true journalist; unbiased, uncompromising in his approach of being candid to his audience and had a true passion for the industry. I think that having just my name attached to his at such a young age is such a privilege and I am so grateful to the media society, the RTS and his lovely family for involving me in such a brilliant scheme. I am completely bowled over by the amounts of opportunities that have come my way already and I can’t wait for the events in the upcoming months. 

Liam Warden

I come from the East Midlands, and yes, the midlands is an actual place. Having spent my childhood parented by a single parent, my mum, many might see that as unconventional, but I would disagree it has shaped who I am.  Independence was the main thing I have gained which has allowed me to explore my curiosity and I’ve always had a know-how of technology and started teaching myself how to use different software such as Adobe. This really sparked my desire to work in the media industry, whether it be through journalism or producing documentaries. Whilst there are seismic events going on in our world that govern our future, I have become very engaged and informed on current affairs. I strongly subscribe to the idea that journalism has a responsibility to inform and hold the rich and powerful to account instead of the sensationalism that now infects it.

This I decided to study with an undergraduate degree in journalism studies at the University of Sheffield. At the heart of the ‘steel city’ it had a great appeal to me as the course embedded both broadcast and print journalism whilst laying out the ethical foundations too. Once I had made Sheffield my first choice I discovered under the barrage of emails from UCAS an opportunity to apply for a bursary and scholarship by the Royal Television Society and the Media Society. The main motivation for me applying for this scholarship was simple. The opportunity was too good to miss out on. I relish any chance that is presented to me and to see one catered specifically towards TV and broadcast journalism immediately captured my attention. I will embrace the opportunityand experience of having the chance to network with industry professionals. Doors that were previously sealed off could begin to open. I couldn’t be more excited and honoured to be a recipient of the Steve Hewlett Scholarship and I am so grateful for being given this tremendous opportunity.

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