There's Hope Yet For A World Post-Truth, Says Jeremy Thompson 

Legendary broadcaster and former Sky News presenter Jeremy Thompson had hope for journalists in the ongoing post-truth battle at the Media Society's Christmas Party.

Thompson reassured the packed audience that “fake news isn’t new” after being asked his opinions on the growing epidemic. 

He maintained that “we’ve got to battle to retain the attention and belief of the public”, especially when “social media clamours at you”.

Networking at the Media Society's Christmas Drinks

However, the broadcast veteran did concede the uncertain nature of his industry as it stands today, especially with the threat of fake news.

He added: “Nobody knows the answer of what will be the main driving force in the future,  everyone is trying to find a way forward.”

“Television has driven most of the media machine”, he continued, stressing the importance of telling the news as it unfolds, and finding a way forward for the platform.

Guests Enjoy the Media Society Christmas Party

Thompson also shared his modest career ambitions with the audience. When starting out he said he remembers thinking “if I was half good I might get to Fleet Street” and described himself as “a kid from the sticks”.

The broadcaster even thinks he is mostly recognised for his appearance on Shaun of the Dead.

“It’s a self-deprecating business”, he joked, and claimed that broadcast was becoming much more accessible when he was trying to establish himself as a journalist.

Speaking of the importance of reporting world events, he added: “I learned that brave people give their lives for the cause of democracy.”

It was important, to Thompson, that they were “keeping the story alive in the eyes of the world while South Africa was in denial.”

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