London Voices Winners Announced at Media Society Summer Drinks

A host of talented citizen and training journalists were honoured at the first ever Media Society's London Voices Awards earlier this week.

Louisa Naks, a Polish and Russian student at UCL, scooped first place,  with Giula Bassanese, a digital journalism masters candidate at Goldsmiths in second.

Seren Morris, who currently studies at Queen Mary's University, took third place, while Joel Kiffin, Martin Dignan and Nikki Mattocks all earned a special mention.

The new competition, a joint collaboration between the Media Society and the London Learning Consortium, aims  to support and promote emerging journalism and media talent across London, and generate some fresh, new and inspirational perspectives of our city.

'This award signals I should follow this path'

"I never expect too much from entering, I'm really humbled," said Giula, whose story focused on an increase in business rates in East London.

"Everybody was saying this is what I had to do, but when I arrived on this course I was really confused about what path to choose. This award signals maybe I should follow this path."

"It was a video with a mobile, with my iPhone and a tripod and a microphone and that's it. It was really challenging finding the right people and the right characters," she added.

"It's really important because if these people disappear, London disappears. I mean, what are we going to have? Pret a Mangers all around? It make me really angry, this situation."

'If we start talking about it maybe it will change something'

First place to the competition scooped at £2,000 prize, with the second place getting £750, and third place £250, to help the winners pursue a career in journalism.

Seren, who previously used to live in London, also said she hoped the win would help to get her story about unpaid internships seen by more people.

"A lot of people just don't talk about it," she explained. "We're just used to be being paid under the wage. If we start talking about it maybe it will change something. 

"I didn't expect to win any prize, so hopefully if people will realise if they read it you can speak up, and you don't have to work an unpaid internship."

You can watch interviews with the three winners below!


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