Peter Layton London Glassblowing and The Media Society

Peter Layton London Glassblowing and The Media Society continue their decade long partnership as he delivers another original art glass award honouring Lionel Barber at our Annual Dinner.

Layton, who has over 50 years’ expertise in glassblowing, will be exhibiting at the Saatchi’s Gallery’s Collect exhibition, the landmark art fair for contemporary objects. One of the most respected glassblowers in the world, has created a new a dazzling Pyramid series for the show which is a delicate blend of outer clear glass, with beautiful blue swirled glass inside.

 Geraldine Sharpe-Newton, from The Media Society, said: “I chose Peter’s work as our award because I see a story in the glass that reflects our Honouree.” As one of the most prestigious studios in Europe, Peter has been commended for putting glassblowing on the art map. His joy for the craft was first fostered at the University of Iowa in 1966.

“Glass is magical and extraordinarily seductive” he once explained. “Every piece is a challenge and an adventure and you never know exactly what you have created until you open the annealing kiln and see how a piece has turned out. I love that moment of surprise.”

Layton will also show work by the upcoming new artist Monette Larsen, winner of the Emerging Artist's Residency Prize at the 2017 British Glass Biennale. In its 14th year the show will bring together artists from 35 galleries across four continents, including the UK, America, South Korea and the Netherlands.

Collect also encompasses a series of breakout events including Collect Open, where artists challenge the perception of arts and design and Collect Talks, bringing together leading international voices to discuss the evolving role of craft in all sectors of society.

This year’s Collect events take place at the Saatchi Gallery between 22–25 February 2018. Tickets are available online.


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